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Dorman® Offers Over 250 Radiator Fan Assemblies

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The Dorman Original Equipment Solutions offers a line of application-specific aftermarket radiator fan assembly. Each Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly meets or exceeds service dealers expectations for electrical performance, air flow and strength. All the radiator fan motors have been tested by an independent lab to ensure quality. Dorman has re-engineered failure-prone original equipment versions by correcting original equipment design problems. At Dorman, they take pride in the quality of their products and in your satisfaction with their performance!


Dorman Radiator Fan Assemblies:

  • Acura Radiator Fan Assembly
  • BMW Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Buick Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Cadillac Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Chevrolet Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Chevrolet/GMC Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Chrysler Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Dodge Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Dodge Truck Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Ford Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Ford Truck Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Honda Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Hyundai Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Infiniti Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Isuzu Truck Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Kia Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Mitsubishi Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Mitsubishi Truck Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Nissan Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Plymouth Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Pontiac Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Saturn Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Toyota Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Toyota Truck Radiator Fan Assemblies
  • Volkswagen Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Volvo Radiator Fan Assemblies


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Quigley's Auto Parts has been in the auto business since 1990. We have over 75 years of experience and have a factory/dealer and racing background. We have auto parts ranging from domestic to foreign. We are very knowledgable here at Quigley's Auto Parts in Lake Forest.


Our online catalog will make ordering easy with images to accompany most of our products.  This in turn will let you see what you'd be purchasing to eliminate errors.


Quigley’s Auto Parts has Dorman electronic radiator fans for most cars.  Dorman has direct fit, high quality, complete assemblies, which includes motors, fan blades, shrouds, mountings, and electrical connections. 

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Quigley’s Auto Parts in Lake Forest California has an extensive line of Carter quality fuel pumps. Many of the Carter fuel pumps have superior designs over the original equipment. General Motors came with rollervane/gerotor pump, weak plastic bearings. Carter pumps have turbine technology which runs quieter, more tolerant of debris, and the bronze bearings last longer providing long service life.